Yahoo! – Fallen history

Yahoo.. One of the legend in internet Era during 1990’s and 2000’s . It was globally well known to the world by its E-mail, Yahoo Finance and yahoo messenger, map, groups and its Add. they had a huge traffic to their side and had huge income during that period. later when google and Facebook and lot of social medias came in to exist yahoo lost it popularity and visitors traffics also  begin to lost.

yahoo Mail is failed with google Mail, yahoo answer lost with Quora, and flickr to Instagram. Even though it have huge traffic and lot visitors the main draw back is its failed to movie with technology advance and failed to make correct decision and exact time. Mainly on search google had a huge growth. In recent year Yahoo security breach also leads to the lose confidentiality to their mail users.

Most of the yahoo services like yahoo 360, yahoo personal had stopped now.   yahoo teach us a lesson what are all the mistake we should not do else we will fall . Failed to adopt new technology and raise in  social media is also the cause, if changes are going we need to adopt changes if we stick on the think which we believe blindly we will fall .



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