Worst Virus in Computer World

ILOVEYOU 0r love letter Virus

Its started as E-mail ,subject content will be a love-letter-for-you.txt but its actually a vbs script, when the receiver start click this script, the script will start execute and give huge damage to the system it was peak during the year 2000 and this virus  scripted  from Philippines  . once the pc got effected by this virus its flood same Love mail to all the contact in outlook, so all the contact list person will get this e-mail.

Code Red  virus

This virus attack the machine running on windows 2000 or windows NT machines, its actually create buffer over flow ,this warm ware attacked during the year 2001.

Crypto locker

its a ransomware Trojan virus ,it spread through e-mail the effected machine will start encrypt the file, if you want to decrypt you need to pay for it. it attacked in the year of 2013

The Melissa Virus

its another type of virus , it utilized the security side of word 97 and word 2000 ,it spread as e-mail documents and it will select random 50 mail from the contact list and will send same affected documents to the fifty users.

from the above virus list , we can understand e-mail is one of the easiest way to attack the Pc’s. Care should be taken before opening any e-mail.



5 comments on “Worst Virus in Computer World
  1. Narayana says:

    I love you virus famous during windows xp period

  2. Kamala says:

    Virus of all the time

  3. Raj kumar says:

    Still lot more of virus avaiable and thanks for sharing

  4. Tom says:

    Yes loveyou virus ever peak virus

  5. Franklin says:

    Still lot of virus … hitting in market

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