Software Defined Network (SDN) – Network on Virtualization

If all the devices are virtualized, how about the Networking will be done in an virtualized environment. Present Networking technology mainly focused on Physical devices, so there is a need for network configuration in virtualized environment is there always, SDN i.e. Software Defined network is an a open source networking where programmed Networking is possible.

Our traditional network physical devices are mostly Hardawar based, growing computer change leads to a driving network change, Even cisco a major network giant in industries had came virtualization network with its own technology . So Now let us lookup how the concept is implemented .

Infrastructure layer or Data Plane : its a non -intelligence end layer  ,where network switches and routers where the data forward to need layer.

Control layer 0r Control plane : it’s the intelligence layer, its the place determine how the traffic should be forwarded.

Application layer or Application Plane : services, application utilities with control level available in Application layer

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