Social Media – End-to-End Encryption

All the famous social media become end-to-end encrypted now a day’s, It was started used by telegram first and all other social media messaging software started following it. WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook messenger are started using end-to-end encryption for securing data’s.

End-to-end Encryption concept is very simple, its a secure communication between both the end devices as the encryption known between this two devices only, means no other person can able see the message, even the providing server are cannot have this encrypted personal data.

As technical perspective its good move, what about law enforcement since social media is communicating through the region of the world, common question arising all over the world are if this encryption is used by fraud or illegal activities? on going debate is countries need to have a backdoor access to encryption so they can monitor the data communication between the users, but the social media’s providers point of view if security is opened, there might be chance to lose of customer.

Let’s wait what kind of changes will come be there for encryption technology.



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