What happen if the data encryption is used by fraud, its result in ransomware malware. Ransomware malware will encrypt the data and if you need to decrypt you need to pay for private key else your private key for decryption will be deleted and you will lose your data permanently.

It’s raising peak now a days and most of the companies are subjected to ransomware, it’s also called as cryptovirus, cryptotrojan and cryptowarm.


How its spreading ? mostly through E-mail attachments, Infected program, and compromised network.

Preventive Measure is through strong firewall setting, using Sandbox environment, having regular backup of all data, if ransomware malware infected wiping the data is best option and restore the data from back-up.


One comment on “Ransomware
  1. Huma says:

    Yes it’s really very useful information. Recently my laptop got infected with ransomeware.
    Unfortunately there was no backups taken.

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