Most Needed Certification in 2017

IT industries had went a lot  changes for the past ten years, traditional data center had moved to clouding, data storage is changed, entry of mobile application, resulted in BYOD services and great demand of Big data, had leads to different requirement in IT industries, old traditional vendor based certification are started losing its popularity and new neutral based certification started hitting in the marked and it has a huge demand, let us look what at certification had a huge demand in 2017.

Amazon Web Service(AWS) developer

It’s one of the Most valuable certificate in IT industries , its one the useful certificate in cloud industries.

Certified in Risk and Information System Control (CRISC)  

Its security based certification in IT industries, Mainly useful for the IT professional, Project Managers and those who are related  in  IT Based Risk Filed.

Certified information Security Manager(CISM)

Its one of the certificate focused on managers, it gives a high over view on security polices and procedure.

Certified information system security professional (CISSP) 

its also related to security, its covers overall security started from securing data, hardware, software, program. it’s focused mainly on security.

Certified information System Auditor(CISA)

this certificate is mainly focus on auditing and controlling ,Monitoring of   IT assets .

VMWARE certified professional

its one of the peak growing certificate in IT industries, its mainly concentrate on virtualization and its tool for change over to cloud technology and its most needed certificate too.


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