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Story Tellers,

Back to our childhood days, we used to hear the story from our grandparents, in story where animal can speak ,moral stories, gods story, they will take you to the beautiful fantasy world were tree can speak tigers will eat fruits. Once we grown up everything got changed and we easily forget our past and we forget what we are giving to our children’s for the future.

So called technological growth had replaced, grandma’s and grandpa’s into the I-pod, I-phone. next generation child started seeing the world through smartphones and we are thinking we had give an advanced technological to next generation and we thought  we fulfilled their needs.

In reality its not happening, we are living in apartment life style, where kids are kept as a jail birds and raise of global market leads job hunting of parents, both husband and wife were in jobs and runing for future, and making kids future as a miserable.

Modern society made our next generation as stressful one,we lost to give a family bond to our kids, no story tellers no fantasy stories and finally no childhood memories.

what we are going give to  our children ? what will happen to us in our olden age? how we are going to overcome this a big tragedy change in our society…

will continue in next writing.

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