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Thought of the day…!

Stress Management…In today’s environment  we can commonly hear the word stress in their jobs most of the youngsters are facing stress mainly in IT environment . And they don’t know how to overcome from the stress. From my experience i will suggest some tips which will be useful for yours .

  • Job is not only a world to you, and you are the not one and only employee to your company.
  • Don’t ever postpone your works and be in time and leave in time. Don’t forget there is a family waiting for you after office hours .
  • Be positive and ignore people who make pressurized
  • Laughing is a big remedy, have jokes .
  • Involve in nature ,gardening swimming early morning walking.
  • Spend your time with your loved one, time will go will never come again.
  • Don’t ever spend more than your income , ignore credit cards and type of loan cards.
  • Plan yours life such that you can save some thing on your monthly income
  • Interact with people ,spend time with them not through social medias  
  • Learn to give back to society, as a aid or free knowledge transfer.
  • Get involved in Music ,arts ,games which will make you feel relaxed.
  • Explorer world ,travel a lot migrate the people with different culture and character.
  • Take everything easy …:)



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