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Think about the world without technology its hard to imagine. Mobile phones, IPod, smartphone had replaced the whole world. we can see and feel the fantasy of the world but what happen if the technology start controlling us. Yes! specially kids, we can see lot of kids are Gadget Addict. if your loved kids is refusing to eat without playing games ?  did you noticed their concentration is falling and getting lower grade? if answer is yes, there might be a chance of Gadget Addict.

Gadget Addict for child leads to poor concentration, more stress, failure to find difference between real world and virtual world. we cannot deny the fact younger generation are addicted towards gadget, how we are going to over come this issue. I had a few suggestion we can follow up to our kids for their better future.

No Gadget at Food time :
Most of the parents want their kids to eat properly no matter what the kids want, this is the place we need to change and say no to gadget of-course its hard to bring the child to dining table and make them eat, Instead of engaging them with Gadget engage them with drawing or with toys or older technique say them stories while eating.

Grow with Sports :
Let the kids will play in real world, engage with them with real world sports, let the kids will play around with other kids and learn friendship. kids where love to learn from their circumstance, since playing with other kids made the kids to win one time and to lose other time this will make kids understand the reality and accept the fact of failure teach the kids with reality.

Involve yourself with kids :

parents some time used to say we don’t have time to spend with kids they are earning for the kids feature. Its not true. Kids feature is not only with money. Spend time with kids because its the only time they need you in their life you are the hero’s for them. you have to show them the beauty of the world .


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