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This article mainly focus on how you are going be a strong in Voice Network and what are all the open sources OS available for VoIP and how we can make use of it.

Before going deep into this section, let us look on some of the concepts and growth of VoIP Network. VoIP Network is the concept which replaced traditional telephony system. VoIP convert analog into digital and passes the packet through receiver again digital is converted into analog for the receiver end.

Protocol which is using for voip network is SIP services, where as cisco use its own cisco proprietary protocol know as SCCP.

During the early stage of VoIP services, Cisco played in major role in VoIP network and its used and still using its own protocol, as most of the network configuration are through cisco only.

Parallely open source Linux based VoIP services are started growing in market it had a huge demand in market, but support wise as cisco is still best , cisco has its own TAC support for 24/7 hours, support wise still leading in the market .

We will have a deep discussion on technical related things later as its cover a huge area, let me explain what are the vendor available for VoIP service and how we can utilize on it.


its a Linux based BPX, which operate based on SIP service, web based configuration also available , free call center services are also available, Google based cloud BPX is available. Over all its a free OS, community support are also available. below is the link for elastic. we will upload installation video on up-coming threat.

Click here for Elastix


Its one of the famous open source  BPX operating system ,its operate based on SIP services, community and technical support available for Asterisk

click here for Asterisk


Its Microsoft Based free BPX system, its available on paid service only, since its Microsoft based its GUI interface and its user friendly.


cisco has it own SCCP support VoIP protocol and also it will support SIP service also, latest version of the BPX will support encryption also, so we don’t need any special VPN to access calls from outside as its available on encryption itself. its a paid BPX and leader in Networking world. cisco BPX is called as the call-manager, with redundant devices primary will known as publisher and secondary will known as subscriber.

Detailed installation and working functionality of the SIP devices will be discussed on up-coming article.

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