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Evaluation of virtualization ,raising of cloud ,IOT and success of E-commerce had made everything online and same time lot of Hacking, viral infection, compromising of network  and malware were leads to the requirement for highly secure infrastructure, if you guys strong enough in Security you will  be handle lot of security related freelance project, you should know what are all the requirement from the customer end and you should able to provide a best solution.

Development of mobile apps and e-mail related malware had brought a new security requirements in the IT world.  how the solution should be provided this is the main things we need to consider while doing freelance. let us look on the some of the critical requirements and its solution on it.

  • How can we handle e-mail related security issue – it can be handled by sandbox technology.
  • Content filtering and Apps based restriction – Can solved by restricting with Application layer firewall.
  • Cloud access security issue – Can solved by restricting next generation i.e forth generation firewall.
  • Outside attack to Internal Network – Applying access list and isolate new attack by sandbox solutions.

Lot of successful vendors based firewall devices are available in the market, and we can look glance on few devices, but you should have a deep  technical knowledge to recommend based on the customer requirement.

Paloalto Security Devices :

Its a next generation firewall  and also it have a virtualization next generation firewall for vmware,amazon and Microsoft clouding  and its support Sandbox technology also,it has test drive option where u can gather good knowledge for paloalto devices , visit their site and have look on it click for Paloalto

Fortigate devices :

They are one of the leading security services providers, its mainly based on next generation firewall and also its supporting cloud security also, because of its cost most of the mid-level industries are started using this vendor devices, click the link for Fortigate

Cisco Firepower :

Its a latest release from Cisco, Cisco firepower is next generation firewall from Cisco, visit their official site for more details   Cisco.

Lot more security devices are available concept and function or more are less same only, have a look on each devices and have a strong knowledge on it.




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