Be a Freelance – Part 2

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So now lets look on how you have to be make your self as a successful freelance

  •  Be strong in your field, which you are going to work for, In my page i will mostly discuss network / security / communication  related services. if you are new to Networking field. go through the post which i am discussing in my post and you can view it on my archives also. forum discussion also available you can discuss and get update on your doubts.
  • Be planned before proceeding to any work, have a task plan for each of the work which you are going to do and similar role back plan also if its not succeeded.
  • Have a vast knowledge of the technology updates. You have to provide a solution which should satisfies your customers, not satisfying yourself.
  • Have a vast knowledge on vendors based  product also,as your solution is going have a business impact on your customer premises, be concentrate  on the customer requirement first . based on this build a solution and this solution have to satisfies the customer.
  • Since i am going to talk about IT sector my main consternation will be data security, Integrity and availability and of course, customer budget also.
  • To be clear, going freelance isn’t for everyone. It can be a feast-or-famine field, and you shouldn’t rely on it to pay all your bills, at least not to start. If you keep with it, however, you’ll soon see the clients rolling in — and find yourself in one of the most flexible, easiest-going positions any industry has to offer

  • getting first customer is very hard, you might find the customer in local place or in overseas around world . my best suggestion do the freelance with the well known person who can you interact with them very easily. as interaction is must needed to know the requirements and to full fill their needs.
  • Be smart in your work  means timely response is must i.e reply to their mails,phone calls in timely response manner  and provide extended support , even your not agreed for it. it might be also give more advantages for  getting future project.
  • Last and keep it your mind always, go for your own way of branding ,don’t be afraid to go over your head.


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