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who are you ? what are you want to be ? and to whom you are working for ? this are the normal question arise when you are facing difficulties in your life.

In today’s global market environment people are always facing pressurised in job environment. mainly on their job security, a well experience person will also have same issue in work environment. being an employee in reputed organisation over a decade of period will made most of the people to think to stick in a job for the rest period to support their needs and to save for retired life. this the place where most of us are loosing our confidentiality.

Be an a freelancer ,specially in IT world there is a lot freelancing service are needed in global market. its a place where u will be a decision maker ,or business service adviser or security architecture designer or a small service provider for each thing u will get payed for it the work you had done.

If you are new to IT industries or if you want to be a freelancer and future goal to be an small entrepreneur, let me share my experience and real time scenario of how to be successful   freelancing as an entry to entrepreneur .

keep reading my  future article.     



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