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    Important topics

    Symmetric Encryption : It will use only one key for encryption and decryption, process is faster as it using single key for encryption and decryption.
    Asymmetric Encryption : It uses two different key for encryption and decryption , process is some what slow comparing to Asymmetric Encryption.
    Hash Function : its an encryption used by algorithm and no key used for Hashing function.
    Virtualization : is a virtual computer, sitting on real computer machine
    Hypervisor : its a security for virtualization, sitting between physical machine and virtual OS
    Cloud Computing : keeping your full infrastructure network in the virtual unknown area is known as cloud computing
    Internet of Things(IOT) : is the devices which are connected through internet, devices like smart TV,CCTV monitors etc.
    Backdoor Access : its a concept in which user are accessed by bye-passing the security check
    Mantrap : its preventive method of security control with two doors, each door request separate form of authentication
    Tailgating : following an in-authorized person in the building.

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    Yes its good to have hints on each topic , but it’s better any one have a pdf format for each domain so its easy to review for us

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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