Does Cloud Computing is really changing IT Industries ?

Cloud Computing is one of the  era in I.T industries, it’s replaced industries traditional  Server room structure as most of the services are moved to cloud also, lets look what the giant companies are doing in cloud computing services.

Microsoft Azure
Microsoft came along with Microsoft Azure, even though they entered late to cloud technology, Microsoft skype, yammer ,office 365 and one drive had made huge impact in clouding services, its one of the major changes, Exchange into 365 is reduced lot System administration task.
Google Clouding
Google is doing a lot in the cloud , it’s google doc engine where developer can configure their own app using java and python program, same as Microsoft google had its own google drive, google for corporate e-mail account also.
yes , its popular one and its leading in cloud computing , its interesting to know amazon starts its services by selling book online. People with different mindset will win the race is an a perfect example for amazon.
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