Cryptography – Asymmetric Encryption

Cryptography – Asymmetric Encryption

we already discussed about symmetric encryption in last post, now lets look deep into asymmetric algorithm its worked based on public and private key, where is in symmetric encryption is based only on pre-shared(private keys) only .

How its works? each party will have a unique public key and private key . If A want to communicate with B, it have to encrypt his plain text with B’s public key, once its encrypted,  it can be decrypt only by B’s private key , even A cannot decrypt .

Main advantages of using Asymmetric Algorithm

  •  Key distribution is a simple process
  • Changing key is not required even ,unless private key of the receiving party is compromised.
  • communicating party can leave easily as there is no common pres-hared key .

and disadvantage is ,processing time  is relatively slow comparing to Symmetric Encryption algorithm.

Hash Function,

its a summary of the message content, and its a concept, is used to map arbitrary size of data to the fixed size,and the value got by the hash function called as hash value.

MD2,MD5, SHA are algorithms for hash function.

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