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Worst Virus in Computer World

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ILOVEYOU 0r love letter Virus

Its started as E-mail ,subject content will be a love-letter-for-you.txt but its actually a vbs script, when the receiver start click this script, the script will start execute and give huge damage to the system it was peak during the year 2000 and this virus  scripted  from Philippines  . once the pc got effected by this virus its flood same Love mail to all the contact in outlook, so all the contact list person will get this e-mail.

Code Red  virus

This virus attack the machine running on windows 2000 or windows NT machines, its actually create buffer over flow ,this warm ware attacked during the year 2001.

Crypto locker

its a ransomware Trojan virus ,it spread through e-mail the effected machine will start encrypt the file, if you want to decrypt you need to pay for it. it attacked in the year of 2013

The Melissa Virus

its another type of virus , it utilized the security side of word 97 and word 2000 ,it spread as e-mail documents and it will select random 50 mail from the contact list and will send same affected documents to the fifty users.

from the above virus list , we can understand e-mail is one of the easiest way to attack the Pc’s. Care should be taken before opening any e-mail.



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Software Defined Network (SDN) – Network on Virtualization

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If all the devices are virtualized, how about the Networking will be done in an virtualized environment. Present Networking technology mainly focused on Physical devices, so there is a need for network configuration in virtualized environment is there always, SDN i.e. Software Defined network is an a open source networking where programmed Networking is possible.

Our traditional network physical devices are mostly Hardawar based, growing computer change leads to a driving network change, Even cisco a major network giant in industries had came virtualization network with its own technology . So Now let us lookup how the concept is implemented .

Infrastructure layer or Data Plane : its a non -intelligence end layer  ,where network switches and routers where the data forward to need layer.

Control layer 0r Control plane : it’s the intelligence layer, its the place determine how the traffic should be forwarded.

Application layer or Application Plane : services, application utilities with control level available in Application layer

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Social Media – End-to-End Encryption

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All the famous social media become end-to-end encrypted now a day’s, It was started used by telegram first and all other social media messaging software started following it. WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook messenger are started using end-to-end encryption for securing data’s.

End-to-end Encryption concept is very simple, its a secure communication between both the end devices as the encryption known between this two devices only, means no other person can able see the message, even the providing server are cannot have this encrypted personal data.

As technical perspective its good move, what about law enforcement since social media is communicating through the region of the world, common question arising all over the world are if this encryption is used by fraud or illegal activities? on going debate is countries need to have a backdoor access to encryption so they can monitor the data communication between the users, but the social media’s providers point of view if security is opened, there might be chance to lose of customer.

Let’s wait what kind of changes will come be there for encryption technology.



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Most Needed Certification in 2017

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IT industries had went a lot  changes for the past ten years, traditional data center had moved to clouding, data storage is changed, entry of mobile application, resulted in BYOD services and great demand of Big data, had leads to different requirement in IT industries, old traditional vendor based certification are started losing its popularity and new neutral based certification started hitting in the marked and it has a huge demand, let us look what at certification had a huge demand in 2017.

Amazon Web Service(AWS) developer

It’s one of the Most valuable certificate in IT industries , its one the useful certificate in cloud industries.

Certified in Risk and Information System Control (CRISC)  

Its security based certification in IT industries, Mainly useful for the IT professional, Project Managers and those who are related  in  IT Based Risk Filed.

Certified information Security Manager(CISM)

Its one of the certificate focused on managers, it gives a high over view on security polices and procedure.

Certified information system security professional (CISSP) 

its also related to security, its covers overall security started from securing data, hardware, software, program. it’s focused mainly on security.

Certified information System Auditor(CISA)

this certificate is mainly focus on auditing and controlling ,Monitoring of   IT assets .

VMWARE certified professional

its one of the peak growing certificate in IT industries, its mainly concentrate on virtualization and its tool for change over to cloud technology and its most needed certificate too.


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Yahoo! – Fallen history

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Yahoo.. One of the legend in internet Era during 1990’s and 2000’s . It was globally well known to the world by its E-mail, Yahoo Finance and yahoo messenger, map, groups and its Add. they had a huge traffic to their side and had huge income during that period. later when google and Facebook and lot of social medias came in to exist yahoo lost it popularity and visitors traffics also  begin to lost.

yahoo Mail is failed with google Mail, yahoo answer lost with Quora, and flickr to Instagram. Even though it have huge traffic and lot visitors the main draw back is its failed to movie with technology advance and failed to make correct decision and exact time. Mainly on search google had a huge growth. In recent year Yahoo security breach also leads to the lose confidentiality to their mail users.

Most of the yahoo services like yahoo 360, yahoo personal had stopped now.   yahoo teach us a lesson what are all the mistake we should not do else we will fall . Failed to adopt new technology and raise in  social media is also the cause, if changes are going we need to adopt changes if we stick on the think which we believe blindly we will fall .



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Does Cloud Computing is really changing IT Industries ?

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Cloud Computing is one of the  era in I.T industries, it’s replaced industries traditional  Server room structure as most of the services are moved to cloud also, lets look what the giant companies are doing in cloud computing services.

Microsoft Azure
Microsoft came along with Microsoft Azure, even though they entered late to cloud technology, Microsoft skype, yammer ,office 365 and one drive had made huge impact in clouding services, its one of the major changes, Exchange into 365 is reduced lot System administration task.
Google Clouding
Google is doing a lot in the cloud , it’s google doc engine where developer can configure their own app using java and python program, same as Microsoft google had its own google drive, google for corporate e-mail account also.
yes , its popular one and its leading in cloud computing , its interesting to know amazon starts its services by selling book online. People with different mindset will win the race is an a perfect example for amazon.

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Apple Two Factor Authentication

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Apple is concentrating more on its security section, its latest update came along with two factor authentication for apple id. additional with username and password account ,apple send temporary code to the trusted or registered phone number. you will receive code either by text message or by voice call once you entered code  additional to password credential  your apple account is accessible, for detail about apple two-factor authentication view Apple site




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Raise of Sandbox Technology

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Its a new concept raising in Security area, Sandbox is a type of restricted Area where untested or unverified programs or malicious code will be executed and checked . Traditional issue in security field is one the malicious code is attacked to the network then only patch or security of the code will be released. Sandbox is the solution provider even if the e-mail contained  unverified program, any malicious code it will go sandbox virtualized area first and the code will be tested. after the code is executed there is no issue found in Sandbox virtualization environment the software or program will allowed in to the internal network.

If sandbox found  a hacking or virus program , it will block the software and it will added as a virus batch thus it not allowing to enter our network, so we will have full secure environment.


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What happen if the data encryption is used by fraud, its result in ransomware malware. Ransomware malware will encrypt the data and if you need to decrypt you need to pay for private key else your private key for decryption will be deleted and you will lose your data permanently.

It’s raising peak now a days and most of the companies are subjected to ransomware, it’s also called as cryptovirus, cryptotrojan and cryptowarm.


How its spreading ? mostly through E-mail attachments, Infected program, and compromised network.

Preventive Measure is through strong firewall setting, using Sandbox environment, having regular backup of all data, if ransomware malware infected wiping the data is best option and restore the data from back-up.


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Microsoft – WhatsApp Channel

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Microsoft announced WhatsApp channel for its new broadcast, It has  released WhatsApp Number +971-50-359-2257  for subscribing. More interesting factor is does not sent more than 3-message per day. Regarding security concern, Microsoft guaranteed it will not share the privacy to others .

Source : From Microsoft


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